* Secrets of a 6-figure local marketing consultant *

Become a Local Marketing Hero

Hi, I'm Brian Saemann and I want to show you how to become a Local Marketing Hero. 

Right now, I'm giving away 88 empowering secrets that show you how to help local business owners while creating FREEDOM for yourself!

​Click below to grab these amazing tips on how to get your first client, shift your mindset for success & become a Local Marketing Hero!

10 Big Benefits to Becoming a Local Marketing Hero


1. It's not technical. In fact, there is really no experience required. I was a restaurant manager before I became a Local Marketing Hero. 

2. Extremely low start-up costs. If you have a cell phone and a lap top, you already have most of what you need. 

3. Work from home (or the beach!) Whatever is best for you, you get to decide. 

4. Rapid results. You can get to six-figures a year in revenue with just 4 clients!

5. Predictable, stable, income.  Offer recurring services with a high profit margin. 

6. Easy to sell - digital marketing services are in HIGH demand. And competition is low. Did you know that 48% of small business don't even have a website? So many businesses need your help and are willing to pay for it. 

7. Set your own hours. Be the master of your own calendar and schedule. 

8. Excellent cash flow. Get paid upfront, before you provide any services. 

9. Business model is easy to scale. You have service providers do the "grunt work" so you can quickly scale to $250,000, $500,000, even $1,000,000 a year in revenue. 

10. It's a respected profession. Take pride in helping local small businesses & in telling people what you do...Be a hero!!

The secrets revealed in this 11-page report include:

  • 4 Pillars every successful marketing business needs
  • How to get your first $1,500 per month client
  • The simple thing you can do, everyday, to get over your fears
  • 5 Traits all winning niches have in common
  • How to get a steady stream of high profit clients
  • The only 2 things you absolutely need to start your business. Forget everything else, just focus on these 2 things
  • How to make sales without being sleazy or cheesy (even if you hate sales or think you aren't any good at it)
  • The tactic you're using now that is costing you lots of business
  • How to structure your business for 9x the revenue with the same amount of work
  • The 1 type of client you should NEVER work with!
  • 3 things the best entrepreneurs do, and the 1 thing they NEVER do
  • 1 Thing you need to do to grow as an entrepreneur
  • Most important thing to consider when choosing your niche
  • The 4 reasons people will buy from you. You have to hit all 4 or they won't buy
  • The 1 thing you have to change before you can build your dream business & change your life
  • How every successful business owner acts (hint: Karma is a b!+@^)
  • The 5 Ds to attracting high value clients
  • The most important skill you need to build as an entrepreneur
  • The 7 Proven Keys to Happiness! (seriously, there are 7 scientifically proven keys to happiness and they are in this report. I didn't discover them - some guy at Harvard did - but I share them here)
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